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Where is the Love?

So it is that time of year when leaves begin to turn orange and fall to the ground, temps drop, and our kids return to school.

As we get ready for a new school year I ask myself and I am asking you…do we really have to like others in order to achieve great things? Do you have to like your boss to be a productive employee? Do students have to like their teacher’s to achieve? Do teachers have to like their students in order to teach the necessary information to be successful?

Personally, I don’t feel that it is necessary to like anyone to have a good working relationship. I don’t feel that I have to have the same personal beliefs or ideologies to be respectful towards one another or to accomplish goals in the work setting. In other words, all we have to do is respect each other’s opinions and abilities. Too often I think we confuse LOVE with LIKE.

As a Christian, I LOVE everyone because Christ commands us to love one another. I love life and what it has to offer. I value life. I do not wish harm or disparity on anyone’s life…that is Love.

Being in Love. “Being in LOVE” is totally different than loving someone or people. ” Being in LOVE” with someone is having a deep personal attraction for that individual. You love being around them, their scent, their laugh, and everything else about them. This type of love is developed over time. Not just good times, but bad times, sad times, and difficult times. Love is something that is tried and true…it is real. Sometimes Love takes a life time other times it happens instantaneously…whatever the case you know when it is LOVE.

Now, the real question… What has happened to the LOVE? How do we get it back? Let’s have a conversation…Relationship Forum flyer


Comments on: "Where is the Love?" (1)

  1. Let’s other don’t but you do!
    Love is likely a very GREAT weapon for the anger 🙂

    Love your article.

    My regards from Bali, Indonesia.

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