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Children are not pawns!

One of the things that disturbs me the most about some women is their use of their children against the children’s fathers. Lately, I have been reading and hearing about how women are not allowing these men access to their children, men over paying child support AND STILL going to jail, and the most heinous of all, a mother trying to poison and killing one of her children because she didn’t want the father to take custody! What kind of madness is that?

Ladies, and I use the term loosely, that sh*t is out of order! Your children are not pawns. They are not game pieces that you are allowed to use to gain control. In fact, you should have your heads examined, because not allowing them to have a relationship with their fathers is pretty pathetic. It is not a child’s issue that you and their other parent are not adult enough to co-parent. Children are a gift from God to the both of you. It is utterly ridiculous to use them as a weapon because your feelings are hurt. Grow up and move the hell on. Find something to do productive with your life. Go to school, pick up a hobby, be a role model for your children. The only thing you are doing is perpetuating this endless cycle of madness.

Personally it hurts my heart to see my male friends and family members have to deal with a stupid ex-wife, or baby mama. I will say this though… fellas you MUST not, by no means continue to have intimate relations with these women. You have to cut ties completely. You can’t keep going back thinking you can stick and move and it will be ok. It is not! It confuses the woman and your children. Ladies the same goes for you. You can not continue to believe that it will work out by allowing him to come back time after time. If it didn’t work out the first time, chances are it won’t the second, third, or hundredth time. Keep it moving…

Both parties have to keep the lines of communication open. Have an open dialogue with your co-parent. Discuss what the expectations are for raising YOUR children. Remember the both of you shared good feelings for each other at least once. Lastly, always present a united front. Children pick up on the smallest inconsistencies.

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