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Stand Your Ground

I have been trying to put my thoughts to words concerning the interview by juror B29 in the George Zimmerman trial. As most folks know he was acquitted of stalking and killing 17 year old Trayvon Martin in February of 2012, just a few weeks after his 17th birthday. George Zimmerman is a coward. Juror B29 you are a coward. How could you go in for deliberation with your mind made up that this monster was guilty of killing Trayvon and then let one woman change your perspective? You, my dear, are a coward. There is no way in the world that I, or any other conscientious minded person would have been so weak minded that we would allow one person to get so in our minds that we would let a murderous monster go free. Oh wait…there were 2 others on that jury that were also cowards…the initial vote was a 3/3 split! What the hell? This bullshit about not being able to convict him of intentionally killing Trayvon is a bunch of shit! How in hell could there be evidence to convict, but because how the law was written you couldn’t convict? Just admit, you didn’t have the intellectual fortitude to interpret the law as written.

People it is so important to register to vote, because this is how people are pooled for jury duty. We must attend jury duty, and serve if selected. How is it possible that there was only one minority on this jury? How often does this happen? I’m sure more than we know.

Secondly, after we register to vote WE MUST VOTE… We must exercise our right to vote not just for the Presidential elections, but ALL elections. Do you know how much blood was shed just for this fundamental right? Do you really know? Most of these crazy laws are set forth at the local and state levels.

Lastly, EDUCATION, I can not express how important it is to have good reading comprehension skills. Last week I spoke about if you don’t know something, ASK…don’t be embarrassed if you don’t understand something, just ask. It is clear that this woman, these women did not understand the verbiage of the law. It is clear that these woman allowed juror B37 to interpret the law for them…let us not forget that this woman (B37) is married to a lawyer and that they had less than adequate supervision during family visits. In other words this woman, juror B37, had an opportunity to confer with her husband who had access to TV, internet, newspaper, and other media…it is clear that the entire process has been tainted and an innocent young man’s live has been antagonized in the process. It is clear that we have a murderer free to murder other innocent black, brown, Asian, Native or any other “minority” persons running loose in Sanford, Florida.

Let’s continue to use our voices, our buying power, and our compassion to fight these injustices. Let’s get back to loving and protecting one another. An African proverb says that “It takes a Village.” We need to heal the Village… There is much work to be done.

Until next time…

Peace and Blessings